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Posted by Danny Vinson on April 9, 2010 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello once again..... I know it has been a long time since we have done any posts or other things, but we are getting it all together finally, and our personal lives are in sync once again too. 

I hope all of our members will be able to be active once again, as we are planning on doing a lot of investigations and such in the near future, so we need all the help we can get!!

I have contacted a couple of potential clients, and am trying to reconnect with the client in Port St Lucie, to which I have not heard from yet, but will keep trying!!

If anybody has any ideas on a business or residence they would like us to work on investigating, please don't hesitate to email me, or add it to our facebook page dedicated to ideas for the team!

Thanks again for all of your support, and I look forward to a very active year!!


Investigation Scheduled

Posted by Danny Vinson on February 24, 2010 at 9:24 PM Comments comments (1)

Our client in Port St Lucie has sent the paperwork needed to schedule an investigation.  We will need to meet Saturday afternoon and can carpool down to the location.  I need all team members interested in participating to email me with your response as to your attendance. 

Paranormal State not very Paranormal

Posted by Danny Vinson on February 8, 2010 at 9:03 PM Comments comments (2)

Me and Jennifer watched "Paranormal State" the other night.   I was entertained, that was it, entertained.  I know hollywood likes to overdramatize things for the "scare" factor, or the entertainment factor, but I wouldn't put this film in my top films on the subject.  As most of you know, or maybe you don't, this was a MOVIE.  Similar to the "Blair Witch Project", this movie was based on the actual events as described by the persons involved.  No real video was ever recovered, and nobody really knows what happened to the couple, if they even existed.  I am to believe it was exactly that, a made up encounter that was based on maybe folklore or rumors. 

So here lies the problem.....

Most people are easily influenced by what is going on in the moment.  As in, if we have a major disaster, we all chip in to help, we become americans.  But then it settles down, and nobody cares anymore.  Just try to get out into traffic right now, they will run you over.  Yet after 9-11, people had flags flying on their cars, and everybody was nice to everybody.  Human biomechanics dictates that a person responds and reacts to their environment.  This is called the "Fight or Flight" reaction.  When a person is scared, this releases chemicals in the brain that the body then reverses back to homeostasis, a natural state the brain brings us back to with additional chemicals, giving us the calming feeling.  People like to be scared, they actually make movies to do so!

So as investigators, it is our job to find what is scaring the client.  Our job is not only to find the proof of paranormal activity, but also find proof of other explanations of what is happening.  Sometimes if a person watches a movie, it opens the brain to be influenced in a direction that makes them believe something is "going on", when in reality, the noises they hear, the things they see, are just in their minds.  But it's the mind that craves that scare, that chemical reaction, and the calming chemicals that we get after the scare.

As professionals, we are not here to judge.  We are asked by a client to investigate their concerns, and that is what we will do.  Our opinions, judgements, or beliefs should have no outcome on the investigation.  Each of us have had our share of scares, and we know it doesn't matter if it's not real, it's real in our minds. 

"Just because it's not there, doesn't mean it wasn't there"

Danny  : )

Another Request

Posted by Danny Vinson on February 7, 2010 at 6:06 PM Comments comments (1)

We have yet another request for a residential investigation in Royal Palm Beach, FL   Looks like we better get things going here!!  : )

New Investigation Request

Posted by Danny Vinson on January 30, 2010 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (1)

We have another residential investigation request in Port St Lucie.  Please check back for information soon!!